Rolle Scaffolding – The company

Intelligen scaffolding – efficient planning

This is the guideline we follow when working for you. As a scaffolding specialist since 1992 - 2002 we have been turning more to buying and selling new and used scaffolding systems and towers.

Here you will find:

  • used scaffolds: for façades, made out of aluminium or steel by all manufacturers like, Layher Blitz, Layher Allround, Rux, Plettac, Bosta Hünnebeck, MJ Scaffolds 
  • new scaffolds by MJ may now be ordered 24/7 visit our Shop
  • Repair-service for broken scaffold floors with original aluminium parts by Lauher or wood-flooring, for more informations klick here.
  • All kinds of systems for climbing: ladders of all kinds, rolling scaffolds in all sizes, and more you will find in our online-shop:
  • form works and props
  • machines
  • all kinds of specialised apparel

Due to constant engagement and disposition of our team we have achieved being among the biggest scaffold-traders in southern Germany.

Our qualified staff always work closely with the clients and stock, this way we can ellaborate optimum advice and solve your needs for the best price possible. We take on and organize the full ogistics: tranpsort, papers, etc. With us you can rely on well-informed and professional handling.

If you value reliability, know-how, and an honest partner which you can count on, then with Rolle Scaffold Trading, you have found it! Among our clients are more than 9,000 companies and private people among bricklayers, paintors, roofers, etc.

We are happy to welcoming you soon! For any questions or an offer you may send us an e-mail or call us directly at +49 82 25 30 90 87 18.