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Since it´s foundation in 2002, Rolle Gerüstvertrieb e.K., formerly Rolle & Sauter GbR, is known for reliability, professional expertise and professionalism. The seat of the scaffolding trading company was in Jettingen-Scheppach in Espachstraße until the end of 2010. After the company site was sold by the owners, the company had to react. It soon became clear that the only option was to buy your own business property. In the municipality Jettingen-Scheppach the company found what they were looking for and bought a 4000 qm plot.

Since 2011, the company is located in Carl-von-Linde-Str. 4 represented in Scheppach. In 2014, Manfred Rolle took over as the sole owner of the company as the Rolle Gerüstvertrieb e. K., whereby the existing and well-rehearsed team continues to form the basis for joint success.

The right solution for every budget and every need

Scaffolding companies, painters, plasterers or private households, the scaffolding trade counts among its more than 9000 customers. "These customers trust in our experience and our know-how." At the new company premises in Carl-von-Linde-Straße, the scaffolding trade Rolle offers its customers the repair of defective scaffolding floors and access bridges. In the in-house workshop, the specialist staff takes care of the conversion of the scaffolding floors and walkways. The customer decides between newly installed screen printing plate or non-slip aluminum profiles. "We repair all popular sizes!"

You will find on the homepage, just over 500 different offers from different areas. Used steel scaffolding or used aluminum scaffolding with various scaffolding coverings, packages various scaffolding manufacturers such as Plettac, Layher scaffolding, MJ scaffolding, Alfix, etc., also a large number of scaffolding components whether in new or used and of course new scaffolding packages. The packages offered by Rolle Gerüsthandel are indicative offers, of course, individual offers can also be created to suit the construction project.

Prepare cleverly - plan efficiently

The qualified employees always work closely with the customers and the warehouse. Only then, optimal advice and cost-effective scaffolding solution is guaranteed. You do not have to worry about organizing and taking over the entire logistics, as the staff of the scaffolding trading company also take care of this. You can rely on a sound and professional handling.

Rolle scaffolds

Since the beginning of 2018, the company has been offering its English-speaking customers a special homepage. Here customers will find offers adapted to the European area. Categories for the Layher Blitz Scaffold, Layher Allround Scaffolding, Formwork (Peri) and other scaffolding manufacturers can be easily found via the menu. For questions from the European area Mr. Bäurle stands by your side.

Here you will find:

  • used scaffolds: for façades, made out of aluminium or steel by all manufacturers like, Layher Blitz, Layher Allround, Rux, Plettac, Bosta Hünnebeck, MJ Scaffolds
  • new scaffolds by Rolle Gerüstvertrieb may now be ordered 24/7 visit our Shop
  • Repair-service for broken scaffold floors with original aluminium parts by Lauher or wood-flooring, for more informations klick here
  • All kinds of systems for climbing: ladders of all kinds, rolling scaffolds in all sizes, and more you will find in our online-shop:
  • formworks and props
  • machines
  • all kinds of specialised apparel

We are happy to welcoming you soon! For any questions or an offer you may send us an e-mail or call us directly at +49 82 25 30 90 87 18.

** In the approval number Z-8.1-974 Blizzard S-70, the common use with Layher components is regulated according to their approval number Z-8.1-16.2. For articles marked with an asterisk (*), the approval has already been applied for but the examinations at the DiBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) have not yet been completed. At the present time, not all components have a construction supervisory approval (approval no. Z-8.1-974).